Sunday, January 31, 2010

When did Scott Weiland show up? How long’s he stickin’ around?

Michelob Ultra: the beer for people who like holding beer bottles, looking cool, and ingesting flavorless liquids, but don't like drinking beer

Try one today

With bland beer comes limited responsibility

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Break out the red pantsuits: it's State of the Union time!

-How can you sell a wildly unnecessary punctuation mark? I really wish this was a sick joke, but as far as I know, it's not

-Say what you want about him, but Adam Carolla is a funny man, and a talented talker

-I measure my workouts in sweat, and little else

-Seems that more often than not, the anticipation's better than the real thing

-Being able to make a living from writing seems a long way from here

-A lot of people couldn't support themselves on the money I make now, or even twice the money I make now. I guess it's easier when you're young. You don't have a life's worth of obligations to pay for. Children, mortgages, new cars, medicine, it all adds up

-It must be some kind of natural instinct for people to always find something to complain about. You couldn't find a person in the world who doesn't have a complaint. Just ask Tiger Woods

-People want Barack Obama to fix the country with a snap of his fingers. That expectation may be partly his fault due to the message he campaigned on, but still, it's not that easy, for anyone, even Barack Obama. Give the guy some time for Pete's sake! The only person who got less time than Obama was Conan O'Brien

-One of my number one priorities for the rest of my life is to never have to take prescription drugs

-As far as going to the gym goes, I am firmly on the wagon. I could see myself hitting a wall in the next month or so, but right now, it's smooth sailing

-Beware the escape-goat!

-Yes it's the T's fault for running inefficiently and slowly, but it's also your own fault for not leaving a healthy margin of T error-time

-Barack is delivering one heck of a speech tonight

Sunday, January 24, 2010

la neige

Cold Boston parking lot decked out in 8 pm gloom. Broken glass and snow alike crunch crisply underfoot. The chill creeps in through warm sweaters and windbreakers, freezes nose-hairs in its frightful power. Power to kill without bias anyone who falls into its icy embrace.

Catering truck alone in an oasis of uncleared snow. Advertises warm Mediterranean delights that don't fit in this cold, cold night. The sea of shining black pavement expands ahead like the Atlantic, unbroken and vast.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a question of scope, how far you're willing to go

The thing is, this is in no way the end of the world. It simply isn't. So a Republican who ran a strong campaign focused on connecting with the voters won the election against a Democrat who seemed cold and distant and may have taken her victory for granted. Stop the presses! This stuff happens every day, and you really think your world will come crashing down around you because, horror of horrors, Massachusetts elected a Republican and the Democrats only have a 59-vote majority? Please, get over it.

I'm a little bit disappointed in Massachusetts tonight, but then again, I can't help but feel this nagging sense of pride. We don't do what people want us to do. We do what we like, and forget the consequences.
Massachusetts people are pretty cynical. I don't know that Scott Brown was necessarily someone that everyone in MA could get behind, and a real feel-good story, as he was made out to be in some circles. It's more like everyone was collectively trying to stick it to the man. Everybody loves the proverbial 'Washington outsider.' Everybody hates the perceived elitist (pronounced Coakley). People in MA wanted to say, hey you thought this was a solid Democrat state? You thought Coakley could coast, you thought we would do your bidding and return another Dem to fill Kennedy's seat? Think again! We're Massachusetts, we're independent, and we'll elect a Republican just because we can!

I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying Scott Brown is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I'm just saying that's how I see it. And if any good could come out of this, I can only hope it would be that the Democrats will finally have the balls to take some action and get something done before their majority, whether it's 60 votes or 51, is gone for good.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

who killed my daughtaaa

The day Mel Gibson attempts a Boston accent in a movie is the day is the day I pack up shop and move to Djibouti. Wait a sec....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discretion is the better part of valor

Pat Robertson, please do everyone a favor: make like a banana and split. I don't recall anyone asking you for your take on the tragic situation in Haiti. No, I don't recall that. Give it up already, it's a tired, sad shtick. What could be less Christian than to kick Haiti when they're down? You make me sick.

Pat Robertson is insane. I shouldn't have even dignified his remarks with a response.

God bless everyone in Haiti

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Night moves

-JD heads for Morocco tomorrow. Kinda scary, but you have to be excited for him. The whole program seems tailor-made for him. I know he'll make the most of it. Good luck brother!

-Played pond hockey with the Krajeski brothers today. Good times all around, although the skates didn't fit perfectly, hadn't seen those guys in a while. I didn't completely embarrass myself in the puck department either.

-Sweet party Saturday evening, in spite of the weird mix of age groups and the excess drinking. We need to do this stuff more often.

-Thanks to people who have told me that they read the blog. Appreciate it.

-You can't spend your life being scared of everything. Go out and live.

-We played 'fax machine' this evening. Great game.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Yes, it was myyyy way.

She'll tell you how I suffer


-encountered ms. F. in the train station, plans to meet later, news of too many children being birthed by our high-school classmates. It would appear that at least 5 of my classmates of 2004, probably more, have already had children. What is the world coming to? To what is the world coming? snicker

-Henry Miller is an amazing writer. He says what he means, it would appear. I like that. What more can you ask? He's not afraid to be vulgar, and he has no qualms about venting his spleen about any acquaintance, friend, lover, etc. The truth is paramount, although that's only true if you believe that the narrator is perfectly honest. Obviously he's not, but it still makes for a fantastic read.

-In other news, I have a problem with believing almost everything I read. Not so much with Henry Miller, because you know from the outset that you can't trust him, but with other things, like political arguments, or most any New Yorker piece. What do we know apart from what we read? It seems like at least half the things I know I learned from reading them, therefore I believe most of what I read, because it's a way to learn things.

-Make no mistake about it, though, Miller's Tropic of Cancer is quite dirty, unapologetically so. It's about Paris, and it's full of whores, pricks, chancres, and piss. When you read it, you feel as though you have to hide what you're reading from your neighbors on the train or bus, for fear that they might catch a glimpse of a particularly filthy passage and report you to the politeness police, or the ministry of truth.

-From the Boss: Your eyes get itchy in the wee, wee hours
Sun's just a red ball risin' over them refinery towers
Radio's jammed up with gospel stations
Lost souls callin' long distance salvation
Hey, mister deejay, won'tcha hear my last prayer?
Hey, ho, rock'n'roll, deliver me from nowhere