Saturday, August 11, 2012

The scientists say, it'll all wash away

On the 31st floor
A gold-plated door
Won't keep out
The Lord's burning rain

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Dark Night?

And where is the Batman? HE'S AT HOME WASHING HIS TIGHTS!
-The Joker

Only villains will call him The Batman. It's derisive or disrespectful in some way. By not using The, you acknowledge he is the only one. The means he could be one of several Batmans (Batmen?) i.e. This Batman vs. That Batman. Although really, it would be very safe to assume that there is only one reclusive billionaire genius who dresses up as an anthropomorphic bat and terrorizes criminals by night. Not too much competition in that category.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


We live in a huge house in a quiet neighborhood. We have a skylight and two sinks in the bathroom. There is a we to speak of. There are dreams that are more than things you scatter and pile in a basement. We are free from illness and hunger and free from want. We have jobs where we are valued and well compensated. We can cook what we like and watch movies or just read quietly. We can live without harm and help each other grow.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Early August Heat

-An overactive icemaker that can be heard for miles around
-The bottom drawer of the fridge freezes everything you give it on account of a vent that circulates air between the freezer and fridge compartments
-Getting used to (a new set of) other people's kitchen and cleaning habits
-Condo association regulations on the size of trashcans
-A little less space that is indisputably my own
-Violence Cormac McCarthy describes in minute detail that only seems to lead to more fastidiously explicated violence

An afternoon spent stewing

The kitchen is heating up gradually and it's on account of me! Stew day is here. We have pounds of carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and broth. We have gas (as of Thursday). We have a drafty, commodious new house to fill with smells of cooking. What better than stew to solve these problems?

The container of Trader Joe's Carrot Ginger Soup in the pantry was calling my name too (and the expiration date was calling 8/9/2012, more pointedly).
The color orange has figured prominently in my life at home of late. It's A's favorite color. Orange is quite visually attractive, I've decided spontaneously after being exposed to it so much. A stew of sweet potatoes, carrots and curry powder; are we detecting a theme here?