Friday, May 1, 2009

what's your situation?

So here's my situation: I'm sitting alone in a darkened house in Ipswich, drinking some Trader Joe's-not-that-expensive-not-actually-real-champagne-but-still-from-France bubbly. I'm watching the Bruins play Game 1 against the Hurricanes. I'm eventually going to need to eat dinner. I could eat just about anything. I could have some leftover tortellini that I made the other night. I could also have some fried apples with curry that I also made for that dinner.

Sometimes lately, I completely lose my short-term memory. I have a quick flash of an idea, and it seems like something important, but then I lose it. It's gone. Maybe 30 percent of the time I get it back, but mostly I just lose it. Where do those ideas go? They might just be floating somewhere in space above my head, and whenever my mind wants to grab them it will, but often enough it doesn't want to. Maybe I could be great if I could just hold onto those ideas.

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