Monday, March 29, 2010

And ladies too— they will not let me have all fool to myself; they'll be snatching

My idea, which I had articulated so poorly, was that there are a great many sad moments and a great many happy moments in a given lifetime. Usually though, the happy moments outnumber the sad. The sad cannot be denied, but they are overwhelmed by the happy. However, a person who experiences sad moments is not automatically defined as a sad person. When you're sad, you should be sad, and not be afraid of it. When you let it out, it hurts, but then it's gone, and your soul is lightened. We keep so many things hidden inside because we're afraid of them, we're afraid that there are certain emotions that aren't manly, or that are shameful and shouldn't be felt. How untrue this is! If you are capable of feeling something, it must by definition be a valid emotion. Do not be afraid of yourself.

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  1. The poet)son)philosopher:
    stay dry and alive