Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Windwhistle sentences, Part Two

*I had trimmed my beard in preparation for receiving visitors.

*His observed indifference to photography seemed callous at first.

*Michael wondered if they had yet marked the sound of his felt-tipped pen rasping against the page.

*It was unfair, now that she mentioned it, for him to have expected that the profession would be received in any other manner.

*The autumn was coming soon, the sweater season, and with it innumerable chilly days until the spring anniversary.

*He fingered his joints in mournful anticipation of the arthritis that was to come decades hence.

*The clips on the line continued to rap their senseless cadence against the flagpole long after the families had departed.


  1. Allan - these Windwhistle snippets are really beautiful. All yours? They are poetry. Thank you.

  2. some little sentences i wrote while i was at the beach. sentences for the sake of sentences, not supposed to fit into any narrative. thank you