Sunday, November 28, 2010

To you I'm a symbol or a monument

The pace is what frightens me.

Following people who knew half as much as they should, but twice as much as me at the time.

Acceleration is the best, when you're throwing extra fuel on the engines, and they're throwing the power right back at you, all ankles and thighs flashing, stick your tongue out as fast as you can go.

We went back there and I could remember everything, being nervous, being properly insane in youth, being entirely unready for anything; memories flashed at me through trees and down twisting paths to the river.


  1. is this about the Sparhawk school?
    no seriously, what is it you write of so evocatively-murky?

  2. hmm, sparhawk almost makes sense. It's mostly about Maudslay though