Sunday, September 26, 2010

I put all my books in a box

if i could digress for a moment, and i will, how can you make a biopic about someone who's 26 years old, the facebook guy? he hasn't really lived long enough for us to judge whether his life has had meaning. plus, isn't it still entirely possible that facebook could end up being something of a fad, along the lines of say...myspace? i'm just saying, it's not like he's gandhi, he's a smarmy, opportunistic 26 year-old who happened to have a good idea. why the need to lionize him and analyze his life so much? perhaps i'm jealous because i'm 24 and i haven't invented facebook yet. nope, that's not it. i'm jealous that john updike got a story published in the new yorker when he was 22, but i wouldn't want to be this facebook guy.

[does anybody read these things?]


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  1. I do! You COULD get a story published in the New Yorker. I am confident in your ability. Completely. But it involves writing it. Polishing it. And getting a few (possibly hundreds of) rejections. Go for it. You've missed the age-22 window. But 24 is nothing to sneeze at, so to speak.