Sunday, October 31, 2010

in love with love and lousy poetry

Opening Ceremony

Isn't it funny, what you notice?
Her hair falls around her face, short,
not too much cared for.
Skin, in this light, is scarred with blotchy teenage battle-wounds.

Eyes with a magic laugh in them,
that she does not bother to guard from view.
Doesn't shy from looking at you
Doesn't need anything from me, but wants my attention

Full of life,
full of knowing everything
You anticipate her presence in every moment:
She's there,
where she wasn't before


  1. I have read this over and over. Every time I read it, I admire you more for your gift with words and with love.

  2. Thanks, mom, that's a really nice thing to say

  3. I edited it, and I think some first-person stuff got added inconsistently