Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rambling again

I've made a huge mistake, find myself being drawn intractably into maw of a terrifying, uncomprehending bureaucracy whose only end is to perpetuate itself profitably. Don't assume that profit is valued over perpetuation.

* * * * *

How can you ever hope to produce something great when the way you conduct your business is so narrow-minded? We are looking for cogs, not people, and we will gladly numb your personhood into nothing if you yearn to be a cog, find your place, catch the same notch on another cog, again and again in increasingly arcane shades of meaninglessness. You will take consolation in HAVING BEEN OF SERVICE.


  1. Be careful not to write negative things about actual employers and job situations. Not implying that you did. Just that, in that case, employees have sometimes suffered for it (read, lost jobs).

  2. I am scared of becoming a cog, and yet, sometimes, what choice do we have? We make it through, we always will, at times by doing uncoglike things.

    good stuff here broski, these last few entries are very quality stuff and quite though-provoking